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Our goal at TaxStudio is to offer a holistic approach to business service and advice. In addition to providing the highest quality tax, accounting, and compliance services, we offer our clients a fully customizable Business Planning and Advisory package. This comprehensive package consists of both real-time and forward-looking functions that can fully stand in for a traditional finance department or be used to supplement internal reporting and planning efforts.

Whether you have just raised millions of dollars in funding, or are bootstrapping your way to success, our Business Planning and Advisory package can be tailored to meet your specific objectives.

A business advisor giving a presentation.
Our Areas of expertise

Financial Planning & Managemen
• Fully Integrated Financial Model
• Comprehensive Budgeting, Forecasting & Pro-Forma Development

Strategic Planning
• Traditional SWOT Analysis
• Identification of Growth Opportunities

Operational Planning
• Development of KPIs
• Resource Allocation


Tracking Performance Objectives & Outcomes
• KPI Development & Analysis
• Scorecarding

Monitoring Burn Rate/Cash Flow
• Cash Monitoring & Forecasting
• Cash Management

Expense Analysis
• SG&A Costing & Analysis
• Shipping/Logistics Costing & Analysis

Profitability Analysis
• Product - Gross Margin by Product
• Customer - Sales/Gross Margin by customer; Customer acquisition costs
• Channel - Sales/Gross Margin by Channel

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